About Kyle

I save patient’s lives, one server at a time.

I am a long time hospital imaging professional with expertise in PACS, CPACS, VNA, Zero Footprint Viewers, XDS, IHE  and the rest of the alphabet soup that makes imaging systems go!

My more formal “about the author” is:

Kyle’s 17-year career in healthcare IT began after proudly serving as an officer in the U.S. Army.  He began in the payor space before quickly transitioning to the imaging sector.  Here he has spent the past 15 years expanding his knowledge base from PACS vendor, to imagining consult, to hospitals.  Kyle currently serves as Director of Enterprise Imaging for a large multi-hospital system.  These unique work experiences have allowed Kyle to develop a deep industry-encompassing understanding of current issues, trends and successes.  His work passion is finding solutions to the industry’s problems (opportunities!) while always keeping a patient-centric focus.


If you really want to see my resume, you can read it here.

Kyle’s Resume